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Im a very perceptive person, but the third eye CAN go blind [entries|friends|calendar]

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Writer's Block: Gotcha. [01 Apr 2008|04:20pm]
What is the best April Fools' Day joke you've ever fallen victim to?
My parents convinced me there was no school that day, because it was a national holiday.  They even convinced me i had brought home paperwork they had signed so that i could stay home that day.  I almost didnt go to school out of spite.
-{Gimme Tah-qui-toh's}-

[19 Aug 2005|08:17pm]
[ mood | busy ]

woah! i havent updated in like.. FOREVER!
Well.. err.. went to see carlin, he used to be a funny 'laugh at the rotten truth' guy with a dirty mouth.. But now he just has a dirty mouth... he's pretty much gone senile, and cant even remember his own jokes

Now the Salvador Dali museum... THAT was a HUGE treat! Xept that the tour guide kept saying masturbation and making me uncomfortable..

After that i went to puerto rico.. visited, felt like a tourist in my own home, and took pictures (just to enhance that effect.)

Came back, school started again and i CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME realize im a senior! Fuck! Next year i gotta go to college! FUCK! I gotta applygetreccomendationstalktoBRACEpayfees&possiblytourthestate

Well... See ya around LJ gals/guys!

-{Gimme Tah-qui-toh's}-

[27 Mar 2005|09:19pm]
Gonna go see carlin!!!
-{Gimme Tah-qui-toh's}-

[23 Jan 2005|04:19pm]
separation of church+state sound nice?
-{Gimme Tah-qui-toh's}-

AAHHH!!!!! [21 Jan 2005|07:41pm]
[ mood | panic! ]

I know i said i wouldnt post here any more.. But.. AURGH!!! My parents know!
The jig is up..

they know im with jon, and they know im not fully straight. And they know ive been lying to them... I dont know what to do... but then again, neither do they.

does anyone have any clue to how i can smooth this over/fix it/make it dissapear?

I would appreciate.

-{FLOOR! Feed Me 10 Piggies !! Gimme Tah-qui-toh's}-

[11 Jan 2005|08:39pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

shit happens.. right?

they got me a recording photo album for three kings day.  I hate it.... but they tried, and thats what counts.  Even when its so goddamn ironic...  (i wanted a camera)
Accidentally, i left it out.. and i think they might have heard the 1,001 recordings of what, exactly, i thought of their present... and what i would do with it if certain people had bigger orifices......  But thats ok.

Shit happens.

I told my dad i was bi... oopsies..  he kinda turned the music on really loud for a while.  Is he scared of me? can i use this to my advantage later?

Now im closing my LJ... (not that anyone will notice) Its been a holyday log-book for so long.  Screw it all.  I feel like theres a little mini-computer-icon inside me thats eating my soul... FUCK! I need a life outside of my computer.... so im quitting this. (for starters)

im not quitting my school friend's suscriptions (or </b></a>atheism</a>)... cuz im weak and like to talk...

But goodbye:
... and every1 else i might offend by not mentioning.

PS- By the way, i have:
Anatomy (dissecting cats.... =D cant wait.  Poor kitties.)

-{FLOOR! Feed Me 3 Piggies !! Gimme Tah-qui-toh's}-

[01 Jan 2005|08:18pm]
my new years was pretty uneventful, went to my parent's friend's relative's party...

this younger girl IMMIDIATELY attatched herself and started yapping about her sex life. (and boy SHE HAS ONE.)... so i got in a bad mood and ended up reading a book in a closet until this little kid (who owned the room) told on me cuz he thought i was calling him stupid.

He thought he was 'soooo smart'... so i asked him to prove it..

So whatever.  I did baloon animals for the rest of the night...

Found out how to do a nice lily-flower... and a monkey on a tree.

  1. Guitar
  2. Finish Freud's book (its actually a biography of him.. and very interesting but... its on tape, and very verrry long.)
-{Gimme Tah-qui-toh's}-

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